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Tips & Tricks#1: Start of Hackathon, to remember! | TransportLAB Hackathon 2016

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TransportLAB Hackathon 2016

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Tips & Tricks#1: Start of Hackathon, to remember!

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  • pswaak

    Tips & Tricks#1: Start of Hackathon, to remember!

    Today the TransportLAB hackathon has started and this will run till June 14th 12.00 hrs. Below we have listed some Tips & Tricks that might be useful to you.

    Tip 1.1: Note the deadlines
    Tip 1.2: How to use this community

    Read the instructions in the community itself.

    Tip 1.3: Take notice of the Challenge Result Form

    The Challenge Result Form shows you which subject the jury will pay attention to. Each subject has a certain weight and per subject the jury will award points. Also follow the instructions on submission of video pitch and idea.

    Tip 1.4: Be active in the community

    Be active in the community and posting, liking, commenting etc is rewarded. For every action you will receive points. This will place you higher in the leader board.

    The activity during the hackathon is also taken into account when judging the challenge results and may add upto 5% to the jury judgement.

    Tip 1.5: Do not hesitate to ask

    There are various ways to ask your questions. By issuing a private case, by asking via Chat or simply fill in the Contact Form.

    Tip 1.6: Focus

    Although 14 days seems long it is not recommended to tackle more then 2 challenges.

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