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ConnAct protected 50 m2 of nature!

ConnAct protected 50 m2 of nature!

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ConnAct just protected 50 m2 land in the Greater Côa Valley. So we are now part of the mission to protect 50% of our planet by 2050! 

The Côa Valley is a biodiversity hotspot in northern Portugal. Rewilding Europe’s new nature protection project will transform a degraded region into a resilient natural ecosystem through the development and restoration of a 120,000-hectare wildlife corridor. This corridor is expected to become one of the main migration routes for wildlife needing to adapt to climate change in this part of Europe.

Climate action fact!

With ConnAct's support we are now 50 m2 closer to protecting this crucial adaptation to climate change within this part of Europe!

There is already 913699 m2 protected and we are making great progress! But there is a lot more to protect and we can only do this together. 

If you’re also interested to accelerate nature protection, join EarthToday 

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