How to build a product community from scratch

The 9th of february, Peter Staal and Kirsten wagenaars shared their knowledge and experience in how to build a product community from scratch on Vanilla. You did not have time to watch? No problem, you can get the recording via this link.

Are you looking to get better feedback from your customers directly? Are you ready to get more qualitative and quantitative customer data? Are you wondering where to start in building a thriving product community?

Join Peter Staal and Kirsten Wagenaar, experienced community strategists, for an in-depth webinar on how to build a product community from scratch. They will share their recipe for creating a successful product community – as well engaging your customers for ideas and feedback.

Illustrated by various examples and cases, Peter and Kirsten will cover topics like research, strategy, securing internal buy-in, tooling and the basics of community management. Also they will review pitfalls they have encountered with their customers while building product communities.

Attendees will come away with the following:

  • Proven steps to build an engaged and impactful community around products
  • Relevant and recent examples of successful and less successful communities
  • Pitfalls to avoid when building your product community


Kirsten and Peter founded Bind, a community building agency in The Netherlands, at the beginning of 2017.
Both have strong track records in the role of community manager and social business strategists. They have advised numerous organizations (profit, non-profit, governmental) on the development of on- and offline communities for their employees, customers, stakeholders or association members


Kirsten’s expertise lies with various types of communities. Peter’s experience also lies with internal communities. Both do inspirational sessions and workshops, evaluation of existing communities and work as facilitator/moderator for events and workshops.

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